Going to Jail

February 8, 2010

In March I have a court date to go to Jail or get my licence removed not bad ehh!

My story is simple I queried the original assessment in 2001 they were claiming for 4 children yet I had doubts about one of my kids, as my ex had said that the child was defiantly mine to the Csa.

They charged me £24 per week. I never missed a payment from 2001-2007 on the CS1 system, in January 2007 I discovered that two of my children had been out of school for some months. I contacted the CSA and informed them (like my ex was supposed to do). I asked to be placed on the new CS2 system but this was refused even though their website said this would happen in the event of a change of circumstances. A DNA test had been carried out on the youngest child (you guessed it, not mine) because my own personal circumstances had changed I was under financial strain at this time and the csa forced me out of my job ( daft as it may sound but by taking a lower paid job it meant my expenses were less). Even with a lower paid job they kept me on CS1 taking the higher rate. The new company I started working for went bust in 2008 owing me and others a substantial amount of money yet the Csa continued charging me the same rate (forgot to say from 2007-2008 they took wages arrestment’s at a higher rate – assessment plus arrears).

The liability order they got against me I was not allowed to argue the sum nor was I allowed to argue that their original assessment was based on a fraudulent claim.

Not bad they can support a fraudulent claim fabricate a debt and then legalise the debt through their courts, once legilised they can send you to jail cool system