Getting hold of my CSA case worker

April 21, 2011

Like all the rest i read and watch here, i have been informed i owe £25k then £7k then its all been stopped but i owe the sectary of state £6k???

I then got a phone call 18 months ago telling me a case from 18 years ago in where i was none compliant (how can i be compliant in a case i know nothing about) and they now take 270 a month from me!! This was 18 months ago and i have phoned them 46 times since then asking how, why and where they got this info from. They told me they sent me 34 letters in 1994 and i never replied…. when i asked where they was sent the replied we dont know…….. but u never answered…..

I have now had 5 letters each time telling me that (it takes upto 12 weeks) that they looking into the case. When i phone and get the tits (sorry wankers) on the phone and ask to speak to my case worker i am told they are unavailable and what do i want!!

When u explain you are told there is nothing else they can do so why r u phoning… i have asked many times…. please tell me when and what time will my “case worker ” be available so i dont have to go through the usual blar blar blar…. which im told we dont know…. in what life or operation is the person you need to speak to unavailable … answer the csa.

Finally after losing my rag which they want you to do so they can humiliate you and blame you or put the phone down on you i was told that my “case worker” had tried to phone me the day before and it went to my answer phone….. now A) i had no missed calls from the csa, infact i have had no calls in 18 months from the csa and b) i dont have an answer machine or voicemail on my mobile so when i asked is that in your system and was told yes i replied thats fuking bullshit and was told sorry sir this call will be ended because you swore….

So how and where do you go, looks like you can lie be lied to be cheated, be screwed but must at all times accept it and dont question it…..when i asked i will show you my phone and show you i have no missed calls no answer machine i was told “dont be silly” … how how do you reason and stay calm with these (will not even call them people)?