Friend’s ex is lying to the CSA

October 30, 2015

I am desperate to help my friend June, her husband Andrew turned around one day out the blue to tell her he no longer loved her, he turned nasty, they lived in separate bedrooms for years, him doing what he wanted(which was pretty disgusting) Andrew by the way is an Osteopath, working in different clinics AND he also had his own business (a training school for osteopath’s) so he is earning a pretty god dam good wage at £45 an hour per patient. June struggled to bring up their 2 children. Eventually they divorced and June moved to a pokey rented home, where her X Husband Andrew had agreed to help with the rent and maintenance. June slowly started getting use to this life as a single parent. She seemed much happier with him not around and began to smile again….

Then the maintenance stopped, he withdrew as guarantor for her rented accommodation and June hit rock bottom. June had to give up work due to suffering from severe depression, panics attacks and anxiety. She then found he had lied about the profit from the sale of THEIR home. What more could this horrible man do to her? Well today she had a letter from the CSA (CMS) where the calculations for Andrews wages is claimed to be £148.00 a week. (so he only works 3 hours a week ?????) I think not. Giving June £19.00 a week . This man has lied, I hear so much about self employed men doing this, How do they get away with it?? I am worried about my friends welfare, I live 50 miles away from her, she has no fight left in her due to her mental health issues. Please can you help?? I am disgusted with this so called man . A father??? I think NOT!