Fraudulent ex influenced the CSA to really come down on me

February 22, 2018

My ex has lied and defrauded myself and the ATO for years. Despite my pointing out the obvious facts CSA have been ignoring the behaviour and assessed me hard. They even took proceeds from a super withdrawal despite their guidelines saying it should not happen with post property settlement assets. I took them to AAT and I won, however no refund of the $12k they took. I then found out my ex was claiming to be a victim of DV – at my hands. Then it made sense why the CSA was acting the way they did. At the moment the ATO is looking at my ex and may do back-assessments and possibly even jail her. Also the DV charity she purported to represent has reported her for fake charity raising. If the ATO change her assessments and there is a back-debt, can I sue the CSA for their behaviour and claim some refund? I aim to proceed with an Ombudsman complaint beforehand to shore up a judgement there along with my AAT win saying they erred with the super decision as well.