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Fraudster ex won’t pay maintenance and CSA looks the other way!

My ex husband divorced me 3 years ago for unreasonable behaviour!!! I didn’t kiss and cuddle him !! Probably due to the fact that he was always asking me to get a boob job, or have my lips made bigger, or my nose made smaller, and my teeth done………. I wonder why he married me…..? Oh I know, his words, “because even though you’re not the best looking wife, you’re a good package deal”!!!!!

We had to write an order in court about our divorce settlement and business. We were ordered by court to split our property business in half, 50/50. However some crooked way, my ex ended up buying 3 more houses and has therefore more income than me now. Which is fine, I don’t really care but he hasn’t paid for his children in 6 years since we split up.

He has stopped paying the school fees which left me paying out £10500 last year alone. Plus all their school clothes, stationary, out of school clothes. He didn’t even take them on holiday this year. He’s having an extension on his house with a £6k hot tub and a landscaped garden yet he only earns £10477.

He pays someone to run his business. Has two vans, a posh BMW, buys expensive clothes, has a cleaner, a gardener and still only earns £10477. How????

How can he live on £800 a month? That’s someone’s mortgage.

The child maintenance have assessed him and he has to pay £120 per month for 2 children !! That’s it.

He takes over £280,000 rental income per annum but says he only earns £10477. Bearing in mind he’s already been inspected by hmrc and found to have committed fraud, but still got away with that!!

How many lives can he have ! He’s committed fraud with hmrc and got away with it ! How? Why?

What’s wrong with these people…. it’s there in black and white. He has a website displaying all his rents…… it’s not rocket science. He’s laughing all the way to the hot tub !

He doesn’t pay for his children, he won’t buy them anything and he tells them he pays me child maintenance!!! WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something has to be done !!!

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