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    I have refused to pay CSA since I split from the kids mum 5yrs ago. After 2yrs CSA took a deduction of earnings order from me so I left my job.

    The bitch of an ex is now taking me to court through CSA saying I am working cash in hand and somehow she has got written confirmation from some of my clients saying I have been working for them. I have been stating to CSA that I dont work, dont claim benefits and live off my current partner, but I have been doing cash in hand work.

    I have been told with the evidence the bitch has that they will ask for 12mth bank statements is this correct? What will happen if they see the payments going into my account?


    The CSA can actually get access to see your bank statements, I have seen them do this before. They will ask you clarify what each payment into your account is for, and they will also ask for your self assessment. If you’re working cash in hand without a self assessment, the CSA will be the least of your worries – the Inland Revenue will want to know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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