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    CMS in Crisis
    Dear Sir’s,
    It’s like a fairy-tale, all the old CSA claims are being transferred to the new child maintenance service, and their dead line is January 2018.
    Appeals and court hearings have had their toll on the CMS back office, their state of art computer system has crashed and a new software upgrade is being installed, possibly by “Fujitsu?” from China, who disastrously trashed the MOD upgrade at UK tax payer’s expense? My god doesn’t this sound like a rerun of the CHILD SUPORT AGENCY and its eternal spiralling decent into failure.
    Needless to say the CMS system is in overload and unable to cope with demand! Now the 2668792 general enquiry phone exchange system has crashed due to “unexpected high volumes of enquiries”. “SO KEEP PHONING IN SIX TIMES A DAY GUYS!”.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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