Five resident children and still we pay money to ex for one child

March 24, 2013

My husband has been told tonight that he has to pay 15% of his wages to his ex for their son. The 5 children that we have between us are entitled to 5% of his wages each before any calculations were made. My husbands ex walked out on him and their child when the child was 3. He brought his son up as a single parent until he met me and my daughter and we started raising our children as a family and my husband came off income support and returned to work.

Because I was ‘NOW ON THE SCENE’ the mother took us to court and a court order of 50/50 residency was agreed (although not liked)… My step son then started to misbehave at school and didn’t like the repercussions at home so decided not to cone to our house anymore.

His mother didn’t give a shit! He was 11 and when we seeked solicitors advice we were told that after paying thousands on legal fees (she got legal aid) we stood no chance of sticking to the court order because of a children’s act… She is on about 15k more than my husband and has her and 2 children to provide for. My husband has me and 5 children to provide for yet still has to pay her 15% of his wages… we don’t see my step anymore.

He’s 15 and although welcome round our house whenever he likes, he only turns up at Christmas and birthdays. This surely is wrong…


  • wilf says:

    Stuart:- Your privilege, to be wrong.

  • stuart says:

    sorry wilf i dont get what you mean? That was a joke before you get anal again.

    Your inability to understand simple questions has all the traits, if in my opinion, how can I be wrong to confuse you with a department that does just that?

    Yourself and Alice are peas in a pod.

    My opinion of course, One of the few priviliges allowed nowadays.

  • wilf says:

    Stuart:- Exactly.

  • stuart says:

    Great comeback Wilf Im sure those who understand you humour will be rolling around now.

  • topper says:

    Nice to pop into a thread so late, but it is very refreshing to see that we are all getting along so well in here.

  • Julie says:

    Update for you all… 2 weeks ago my husband was told he has to pay x amount csa for his child. He contested this and decided to appeal. 2 weeks later after hearing nothing from csa he found that the csa had arranged an aoe and were deducting over 1/3 of my husbands wages for the next 4 weeks! My own family is going to be nearly £500 less this month to cover csa payments… If there is anybody in this day and age that can afford to lose £500 a month and still support 5 children and pay bills etc, please send your tips on survival!!! We’ve just about had enough as a family!!!

  • Lisa says:

    @ Julie,

    Please join our group hun, we can get you some help,!/groups/204256966364149/

  • Anon says:

    Stuart – you call people think but fail to capitalise you own name? Ahahahaha.

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