Feeling betrayed

October 22, 2014

My wife and I separated last Christmas after a final row I have been living with chronic ear pain for years untreatable she lost interest in me and started to live in the study.

I knew our family was falling apart and knew she wanted to leave I was desperate to save our family but she kept picking fights she was a bully. finally after a dreadful fight our 20 year marriage was over I had to leave the family home 10 months now and after living in rented homes and bed and breakfast.

I am now in hospital for the 3rd time this year I have lost my job my wife my home my beautiful children, I have supported my ex wife all along the mortgage all utility bills and anything extra she asked for and now I face unemployment I still have very sore ears, and she after saying she wanted to be amicable has not let me see our children this has been devastating.

Her letter from her solicitor said my wife has never presented a problem in me seeing the children having suggested a meeting her solicitor wrote yesterday to inform me that my ex wife says the children do not want contact with me I don’t know what I can do now and feel bereaved, betrayed by my children the thought of never seeing them again has left me to suicidal thinking depression anxiety hopelessness.

How can my ex wife be so cruel it seems she wants total destruction.