Ex’s abusive new girlfriend scares my son

April 18, 2011

I have a two year old son and split up with dad when i was 3 months pregnant. I have on a few accassions called police on him when i was pregnant for threatening behaviour including i was going to have a termanation but he threatened to kill my other daughter. And after he pleaded for me to keep child and promised he would pay and be a good dad i kept the child.

As this was his first baby.Time went on and he was contacted at the birth and i allowed him to come and visit the baby at mine. He gladly meet another girl and had a baby with her a few months later. I had no problem with this i started to allow the dad and girlfreind to take my son out of my care for a day once a week. Well i can not begin to tell you how they both critized me every single time they bought him home to a point i ended up putting my son in nappies that were to big to keep the peace.

Then one morning they had sent police to my house to search my son for bruises, i got four letters written up doctors, health visiter, and baby clinic to fight for me in defence of there alligations, the police were very angry with them to have waisted police time four months of abuse went by and alot of this was the new girlfriend. I took it to solisitors and before a court case was made i had to go to mediation were the mediater told me to leave my own house and allow dad and girlfriend to see my son at mine. He also was very rude to my solisiter. Anyway my boys dad called me one day and asked if he could see my son again.

Bearing in mind i never stopped him seeing my son but stopped him taking him because they said they could not handle my son.The girlfriend would not allow his dad to visit at my home. I gave them one more chance and allowed them to take my boy again. Everything started again my boy came home with bad injuries and i swallowed this not to mention they blew him out 46 times in a few months. Recently my son had a birhtday 5 weeks ago and the dad still had not turned up with even a card.

I tried to have a discusion with him and then the girlfriend started. I mentioned my boy was scared of the her and she said more fool you for letting me take him, anyway that is it no more. The father refuses a contact centre and the girlfriend will not allow dad to come here to see him.

And now he is denying its his son. I have changed my phone number and they can both go to hell But he has never paid for his son can i get any form of money even though i will not allow them to take him and the dad is not allowed to visit him here.