Ex worked for agencies so kept dodging the CSA

July 18, 2012

I’ve been with CSA for about a year now and to start with they were pretty good, it took a while to get payment but that was due to NRP working for agencies and being unco-operative with CSA in giving details. In the end NRP was put on DEO and finally I started getting payments. It all went downhill whilst NRP was off sick earlier this year. CSA knew NRP was on SSP but did nothing about getting me even £5 per week. NRP was off for about 6 weeks and then started working again. I have had no money since before NRP went sick and am still no nearer getting any money 6 months on.

It seems that unless you call CSA every week they seem to forget you exist, but when you do call you get no end of excuses! The last one, today, being that in the past couple of weeks since contacting them (when they said they would deal with the case urgently) the whole workload has been changed around and my case had been taken out of the queue. I was assured it would be put back in as urgent and worked on this afternoon (hmmmm, we will see what excuse there will be when I call again in a couple of week’s time because I think their excuses seem to be a recorded message that gets played over and over, a bit like their on-hold music)

I know the case is complex as NRP is still working for agency/agencies and they have to amass their information before they can make an assessment but the time from when they do have the information (and I know they have it because they have told me) to actually completing the assessment is ridiculous! I am now fed up with being told that my case is urgent and it will be looked at next, because I know that this is just a fob-off!