Ex won’t pay and CSA won’t enforce it

February 7, 2018

My ex-stopped paying for the children both teenagers one is disabled I am a full-time carer my partner works full time and earns less than there dad. He said his ex girlfriends house had been broken into so he couldn’t pay for my kids? what that had to do with my kids money i don’t know but this was back in April i gave him until june to start making payments and my kids wondered why they are not a priority he didn’t pay so after 10 yrs of trying to make arrangements that are consistent and having to go no contact myself decided the best options was child maintenance.

so far he hadnt paid my kids over £500 the cms looked at how much he was to pay was £155 per month when he did pay before this i asked him for £145 pm it was set up so that it was still between us direct pay he didnt pay for 2 months , it then went on to him have to pay them then they pass it on collect and pay where my kids had to pay reduceing there payments to £146 he had to pay 20% fee he didnt pay a futher 4 payments , so in nov i was told he had been served with a doe i was getting nothing for the debt of over 1,000 its now 7 month and my kids have had nothing its now the end of jan of the following year and i had a letter saying that he had failed to pay and they were going to ask him where the money was?

ive sent them a message asking them how there can be a failed payment on a doe and that if its the employer that withholding money they should be taking action against the employer, i hope he enjoys posting facebook pics of him with his other kids telling everyone how rewarding it is to be a dad , spending money of steroids and pizzas while my kids wonder why all of those things are more important than us being able to afford their school uniform and as teens haveing to live with haveing a few quid for pocket money cause thats all i can afford . I understand there are lots of dads that would give the world to there kids and have ex that is selfish , but there are dads that only concern is to get one over on there ex to the point where they don’t mind there kids having nothing .