Ex went to CSA out of spite because I have a new partner

July 17, 2012

My ex reported me to the Csa because i started seeing somebody. We had an agreement in place for maintenance and child care for 3 years. The CSA have decided that i will, without question, be paying her £335 per month.

This is with no regard to my current expenditure and because of this will leave me with no money and put me in debt by £102 per month. Im gonna lose my flat and will be forced to aplly for bankruptcy as i can not maintain payments to my joint debt from when my marriage broke down because of my ex.

I have no contigency money, no money for clothing, no money for a meal out with my friends nothing!! I am working for nothing because I have nothing to gain from what i work for.

I know for a fact that money will not be spent on my children, need i say more.