Ex wants to go direct and cut out the CSA – easier said than done

December 25, 2012

Is anyone surprised by the CSA. I have had dealings with them since 2001, it took around a year t actually get the payments correct. They rang me 3 months ago as they said it was time for a review, I sent all the paperwork in as the wanted, then they threatened to charge me more as I did not want to disclose my wifes salary, as It was my problem and have always dealt with it. Anyway after these threats I finally gave the details over.

Then then did the same to my daughters mother, who in the end rang me and said could we forget out the CSA as she was stressed, and fo our own arrangement. I received a phone call 2 weeks ago from the CSA confirming they had received a phonecall from my ex, and would i be happy to do the arrangement, I said yes, and they would forward me paperwork. I have still not received any, and when I rung they said it could take up to a month to sort out….that means another payment to them…and more interest in their account!!!

They are so un professional, bitter and un-helpful..