Ex used CSA as a threat every time we fall out

October 8, 2014

OK I’ve been split from ex for over four years we have two children ,when we parted we went to mediation to arrange access ,so I have them 14 nights a month within that 14 I have the two weekend a month ,when they with me me I feed them pack their lunches up buy school cloths buy cloths for them to wear when with me take them out they wanted cat so I bought them cats which cost me a fortune I spend any spare money I have on them but my ex as soon as we fall out she keeps saying right I’m taking you to the CSA!!!

I earn £1140 a month £614 is my mortgage £40month petrol £100 food the rest is bills my mum used to give me some money to take the kids out but she’s not working anymore oh and the cat which cost in the region £30 a month I just don’t understand how these women get away with this she doesn’t share the benefit she claims plus she’s getting money of her other ex which she never used to declare ,could you please let me know where I stand.Jason coxon