Ex stopped me seeing my daughter and accused me of child abuse

February 21, 2012

I currently pay my ex partner direct but my csa case is still open. I received a letter from the CSA last year saying my maintenance should be zero as my daughter is classed as living with her grandparents (although my ex partner also lives there) i am worried about contacting the CSA direct to ask them as i dont want to stir things unless i am certain.

My ex partner stopped me seeing my girl for 4 years but i now have her once a fornight although recently my ex has been trying to drive a wedge between me and my daughter even comparing me to a child abuser.

I am married with another 2 children and am struggling to make ends meet each month. I want to reduce the payments by 50 pound a month but am worried how my ex will re act, if this zero thing is true then i have no qualms about doing it.