Ex stopped him seeing his son when he got a new partner

August 20, 2016

I myself have never called csa for money off my sons dad Purley because he’s never wanted to bother but my story is about my partner and it absolutely breaks My heart so if anyone could help please please please reply…

The mother took everything away from him when she cheated and he walked in. That’s where it all broke down.. he then pulled the engagement ring off her finger she then manipulated the situation and got him locked up over night and a restraint order on him.. he was seeing his child regularly and all was fine until he got a new girlfriend….

She then stopped him seeing him demanded money that she would spend on other things than their child.. he stopped paying. Regularly I see him break down because he can not see his child! It makes me sick how she’s so willing to accept the money but not for her child to have a relationship with its father. . . My partner said he had no problems paying if he was able to see his child.. to me i get that ….

If the csa take what they want he won’t be able to run the car to go to work … pay rent . . Bills or eat.

I think csa are a cruel means of getting money off people I mean they don’t even help with ensuring the dad gets contact it makes me sick …

Also these women that lie about so much stuff to turn things bad for the dad of their child I hate I mean why. Why would you do it?


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