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Ex says he can’t afford his maintenance, what should I do?

I have been separated from my son’s father for about 8 years. After the seperation, I took leagal advice, and after about a year and a half, through a lawyer, an agreement was made to pay £50 per week in maintainance for my son. This has continued, with random non payments, but mostly paid regularly. My son is now 17 and still in full time education.

My maintainance payments are paid weekly, on a Friday. Today, there was no payment and upon contacting my son’s father to find out if there was a problem, he has informed me that he is now working a 5 day week and can not afford it, and told me to contact yourselves.

I am currently in full time employment,living in private rented accomodation, and committed to a Trust Deed. The cancellation of the maintainance payments means that I connot afford the rent, but I am also unable to save to move into cheaper accomodation.

I am lead to believe that my son’s father is still legally obliged to pay maintainance as my son is in full time education.

Can you help?

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