Ex refuses to pay what he should

November 14, 2009

Last Friday everning, quite late around 7 pm, I received a very strange phone call message from a woman claiming to be from the csa asking me to return call on an 0845 number. I did this (didnt realise csa worked so late!) so I was very wary as I had not contacted the csa and have no wish to hearing the horror stories about them. A man answered saying CSA helpline and I asked for this woman. Said he would need to take my NI number name and dob. I wondered was it legal for him to do this?

I gave them out (reluctantly) and then said he could not locate her. I was getting very wary by now I was being scammed to be honest. Then he said she worked in the Acrington branch, but he could not get through to her after trying on two numbers. He said she would write to me or contact me. When I asked what it was about he said he could not give out too much info but said to imagine if an ex partner had recently split up with somebody and they had to make a NEW CLAIM.

I am the PWC and have a private agreement with the father. The only thing I can think of is if he wants to reduce my payments cus he has him to stay in school holidays as we are going through a messy divorce. He earns a lot and I am being paid a meagre sum as it is.

Could this be another child he has fathered coming out of the woodwork? It all sounded very shady. Nobody has been in contact with me since Friday and when I text my ex and asked him he would not reply which says a lot.