Ex receives loads of benefits and a share of my income

August 4, 2011

Can somebody explain how it is deemed fair that my ex, having remarried, is receiving every benefit under the sun and is paid DLA for her ‘Bi Polar’ disorder is still entitled to 33% of my net income? CSA seem to think this is totally just and they blatantly don’t give a damn about us mere peasants who are trapped by the PAYE system. The current system is a gift to the self employed, i.e. pay yourself a pittance of a ‘salary’ and put everything else through the books, SIM you should be ashamed of yourself.

It was my ex, aided and abetted by her parents, who pushed me out. After all I’d served my purpose, after seven years of putting up with her violent mood swings, ‘providing’ her with two children who, by the way sirena, I love and adore.

I’m lucky in as much that my ex allows me reasonable access to my children, although it’s very much on her terms. I cannot begin to imagine how painful it must be for NRP’s who don’t have this privilege, yet like me are paying totally unjust amounts of maintenance.

All I want, as I’m sure most NRP’s do, is for the system to be fair, flexible and where necessary rigorously enforced. Alas I doubt this will ever be the case, we are after all minority.

But never mind they’ve only had eleven years (from the original declaration of intent) to reform it. As such I’m now resigned to the fact if/when they ever do sort it out my children will probably have children of their own!