Ex pays his new wife in dividends to avoid paying CSA

January 2, 2012

I divorced my ex-husband 4 years ago, due to adultery.He is self employed and at that time I owned 50% of the business. I found during the divorce he had taken MY 50% shares from me without my consent and had given them to himself, he later transferred all 100% of the business to his now new wife when I asked for dividends from his company to be taken into account for the maintenance of his 2 children. He now pays himself £105 a week and the rest in dividends to his new wife.

This means that he can get away with only paying me £11 a month for the maintenance of my 2 children. Therefore my ex-husband lives a life of luxury in a £500,000 house, while his own children go without, his partner does not work and can say that she is the one who keeps his luxury life, which is impossible due to he is the only one with income. And I need to prove that he is the one with the income, the only way to do this is illegally, if i did do this illegally the information would not be proceed, due to the nature of it being obtained.

Notify that this man has no contact with his children.