Ex paid no CSA for years but now expects to be paid!

March 24, 2016

Do not know where to start Separated in Jan 2009 divorced years later 2012 think .Four children all lived with me but all went usually 3 nights a week to dad .But he did not help with expenses at all school trips school uniform shoes hair cuts to name only few costs . Ex in and out of work but still most of time got nothing odd times did then stopped altogether .18 months roughly my eldest went to live with him after a row that he helped make worse .I only started back working in July 2014 after so been at dads for 9 months roughly .Not only did he refuse to help on odd times asked did not pay c s a when in work.

But if asked to help with something said I get c s a for that but I was not getting anything from him .Ex also moved about 7 or 8 times had relationship for couple of years she had daughter and had child  when with him but not his I pretty sure had snip years earlier but I am told name on birth certificate !!Also put claim in eventually for me to pay for son who was working lot of time himself and at college .Spoke lots to c s a when he said claimed never had letter or anything to say I had amount to pay .Case now closed but he still says i owe for son yet he owes over 1,200 now and finally been in job now since about august think deductions from wages enforced and his empolyer did not pay either since dec meant get money now to top it all off he says self employed and i almost sure but cant proove it that it in job been in all time it just arranged so he avoids paying again .Surely he and employer at fault what can i do losing faith in c s a as he getting away with it all time and is not civil at all but always blames me for everything PLEASE I BEG FOR HELP .!!