Ex is working the system for all she can get

June 2, 2011

I split with my ex wife 12 years ago. I was assessed by the csa straight away, they told me i had to pay £122 per week for my son who was 5. I appealed as the 6 weeks prior to the case being opened i was working 110 hours a week to get passed a busy spell. Trying to explain that was impossible. I then sent my next 6 weeks payslips and the case was reviewed to £38 per week. while this was going on i paid my ex £40 per week cash on a Saturday when i picked my son up.

The csa told me i was £2200 in arrears and i would have to pay it back with the normal weekly payment. I told the csa that i had been paying my ex every week they told me they would have to confirm that with my ex, she told them i never paid a penny and i could not prove a thing. I felt so stupid and betrayed. 2 years ago my son lived with my parents for 9 months, so the csa closed my case. i paid my parent £40 per week, my ex never paid a penny. My son moved back with his mother and the csa were back on my case.

They now are telling me i have to pay £120 per week, i have remarried and have 2 children. 5 month old and 9 year old. I have a mortgage which i can not afford as my wife had just given up her job to look after the baby. I have never grudged paying for my son who is 17 now, but where is the justice when i am going to get my house taken away from my family. It would be better for my family if i stopped working, but im not like that. My son is only attending the school occasionally now as he has sat his exams, so i feel like i am being conned.

There is bound to be something i can do, as my ex is working the system like a pro.