Ex has made our children hate me

August 6, 2012

I am not happy with CSA system and Family Law system.

Since 9 years I am in Children Contact court but Courts are not giving me direct contact, I believe it is because of bias by same judge since 9 years. Court never changed Judge.

Mother is enjoying with children love and made them hate me.

She is getting Child maintenance from me but dodn’t tell children, She brain wash children that I don’t bother about them and never pay them money. She has also brain washed with other lies too.

Now children don’t want to see me and court is stick to this point. Even it is unfair and they have been brain washed since 9 years.

It is unfair Family Justice system.

Also If my children don’t know that father if paying us them whats point to give money to CSA. Is it just to pay the months so that she could buy drug for her for this money and tell don’t children that father is sending for you?

This is proper unfair. CSA is very unafir.

Alo CSA’s deduction is too much, by this money she can buy huge quantity of drugs for her.

My innocent children are getting nothing from mother and my money is going into drain. All because of Unfair justice system.

Can anyone advice me what should I or we do about this system?