Ex has contacted CSA and lied that I never paid now I’m paying more

November 4, 2016

My ex wife has got in contact with csa and said that I didn’t pay toward my 3 children which are now 25,20 and 19 although I was paying but didnt get any receipts from her, as at thw time I didn’t think twice that she woukd ring up years later and say I hadn’t paid anything all 2 of my children are in work now and uve helped them out with cars ect, now that she has got back in contact recently ans said u hasn’t paid anything to her i now have a balance of £9,000 which I have to pay bacj as arrears.

This is coming out of my wages before It goes into my bank, i was paying £26 a week which I was just able to pay with my living expenses ans now there taking £35 straight from my wages which now I’m struggling with my living expenses as I’m only in part time work, I just wanted some advice as to why I have to pay so much back now after all these years and when all my 3 children are grown up and working if you could give me any advice I’d much appreciate it many thanks.