Ex getting away with not paying for daughter and CSA won’t do anything!

January 14, 2016

I split with my partner in 2010 and the CSA awarded my daughter (the money is for her living expenses). As this is based on his earnings I thought that it would be more as he earns a lot.

I didn’t bother too much as he has our daughter half the time but this changed last year.

At the beginning of last year problems that my daughter was having with him and his girlfriend were getting worse.

She started to stay with me more missing out some of his visits until in March she made the decision to stay with me and visit him every other weekend. He continually let her down and when she did see him things happened.

I told the CSA that she was now living with me full time and could they take another look at my claim, especially as he hasn’t paid a penny since the end of January 2015. They said that they can’t get back pay of him as he works for himself so they can not dock his pay. To set up so that he pays through the agency would cost £35 per month for both of us and since he would only pay £40 a month this would leave him paying only £5 for our daughters food, clothing and other needs (per month). Good job that I don’t say that I will pay £5 a month as my half. Can you imagine what would happen if she only getting £10 a month spent on her. It’s not even enough for her to get fed.

Hes paid nothing since end of Jan 2015
He hardly spent time with her
Didn’t take her on holiday this summer
Didn’t even get her an egg at easter
Paid nothing towards food, clothes etc
Didn’t do her birthday party last September even though it was his turn

According to the CSA there is nothing they can do about it No matter what happened between me and him he is still 50% responsible for our daughter but he seems to think hes clever getting away with doing nothing for her and is now driving a brand new Mercedes and buying his girlfriend a piano. Great what you can do when you sherk your responsibilities. but that’s alright because he brought her lots of Christmas presents.

I go from low paid work to no work and I still find a way to put a roof over our heads, food on the table but we don’t go out much.
He should be ashamed of himself for not supporting his only child.