Ex claiming CSA even though daughter doesn’t even live with her!

July 14, 2012

The CSA have been taking 40% out of my wages since the 5th of November 2010 for my three children even though my son lives with me and has done since May they still take money off me for him every week. As if this isn’t enough one of my other children they take money off me for hasn’t stayed with her mother for more than 2 nights a week since I found out her mother had been having an affair and left, since then my daughter resides with her grandparents. So it is them who should receive the money’s for her not her mother.

As for my eldest daughter her mother claims that my family and I haven’t had anything to do with her or her up bringing, my family feel insulted my this remark from her mother as this is not the case my eldest daughter spends most weekends and school holidays with my family. Her mother will not admit this as she knows she will lose money.

From 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2010 I had my children 13 weeks all the school holidays and every 2nd weekend 127 days in total out of the year it would have been more but as my income has been slashed by 40% since last November 2010 because of the money the CSA take off me every week it has left it impossible for me to see my daughters at weekends as I have to work. Plus I now am 3 months behind with my mortgage and other house hold bills because I am still paying out for my son who lives with me and my partner, and yet we don’t receive a penny for him in child benefit or child tax credits as his mother wont give them up.

I would appreciate any advice as I have been in touch with the child tax credit office and child benefit office and have told the CSA but have had no joy so how can I resolve these issues?