Ex and CSA are both out to get me!

May 20, 2016

I have brought up both my kids on my own and got into dept whilst doing so as their dad gave us meagre financial support £94 a month for both children. My son at 16 decided to live with his dad immediately he got the csa on my back and I was told I’d have to pay £140 a month. I tried to reason with his dad and the visa I bring home £1150 a month and after I pay my mortgage,bills and debts I’m working for nothing. I know my son is at college but he is also working and earning more than an apprenticeship pays. The csa are not interested in this fact. My son is now 17 csa have put an attachment to my earnings of £300 a month im worried I’m going to loose my home. I feel the visa are just on a big witch hunt against me.