Ex and CSA are as frustrating as each other

August 9, 2015

I split from my sons dad 6 years ago just before my son turned 1.

My sons father saw him for 6 months every other week and then decided he couldn’t be bothered anymore.

At this point i thought enough was enough and applied to Csa.

They finally got him and i was receiving £40 a wk.

Then he started playing sill beggers and swopping jobs.

For the csa to do a change of circumstances it takes 12 wks. Every 12 wks just as we were about to start receiving payments he would jump jobs.

I haven’t received a penny since october 2010. He hasn’t seen his son for 4 years now. I ring CSA everyweek chasing them up and currently he owes £6300!!!! Yet they still wont send it to the enforcement team. After reading some of the other probs i dont understand how parents who are willing to pay get shafted and the idiots like my Sons Dad can swan about getting away with it. I finally got through to a case worker who agreed they would start to take it from his wages. This was to start on the 27th July.

I have rang every other day since then and been told the deduction of earnings is all ok and i should receive something by the 26th august. I have rang again today and i have asked the csa to ring the employers to check that its all set up ok. Lone behold the company hasn’t received anything and the deduction of earnings hasn’t been set up so, so far i should have got £210 but i have got nothing due to there incompetence!!!!!! They seem annoyed i ring constantly but its getting to be a joke when i have to ring to get them to do there job right!!!

Frustrated and annoyed dont even come close.