Ex always avoids paying the CSA when he can

May 7, 2012

I have 2 children by different dads. The father of my oldest has always avoided paying when he can. The CSA never put in an atttachment to earnings as he’d make an odd payment.

The last I heard (they never keep me updated)they were going to court to get a a charge against any assets that he may sell. He works in our town as a bouncer but CSA have no record of him working through NI records. He has not paid for over 5 years.

My daughter moved to her dads over 12 months ago, within 3 minths of the assessment (although I appealed an attachment to earnings was made) they took nearly a thousand pond in first month to cover arrears as well. I had to get my local MP invloved and they gave me some monies back and I arranged a payment plan even though I was still appealing the assessment.

The next month again they took a hundred pounds more than the payment schedule I’d agreed over the phone. They never sent me a payment plan. I complained again and they changed the payment plan to what had been agreed for the next payment.

Again I was not sent payment plan but spoke to my payroll department that had a copy. I have always appealed the assessment with no luck.

This month the payment suddenly went up eighty pounds with no notification.

I complained and have now today recieved a copy of the payment plan which is different to the one sent to my payroll department.

How do I know what I am suppose to pay when I get diiferent information to my payroll department,how can they change payments without notifying you?

My appeal is based on the amount of time I have my daughter/ that she has been moved away and I have to collect and return my daughter so costs me more in fuel. I have provided CSA with details of when I have my daughter and have Court order that shows when I have to collect my daughter and return her. This also shows tht I have to collect her from school. To do this I have to buy additional holiday which adjusted to my pay after tax & NI. The CSA will not take any of this into account.

My ex tells them that dates are unusually high for the period which they accept (but i have a Court Order that shows this is not the case which they won’t accept)

They still only allow me 15% for my son even though I have to support him on my own and taking into account the additional holiday pay I have less money for my son each month that I pay to the father for my daughter. How can this me right?

W ith the latest increase, my mortgage that I had before my daughter moved I do not bring enough money home to pay the bills.

I now have to try and sell house quickly and have negative equity so hope the mortgage company will agree or declare bankruptcy. Either way my son looses his home.

To add to this my daughters father has 2 mercedes and goes on sevral 5 star holidays with my daughter every year and I can’t pay the bills

Can anyone help?