Eldest no longer lives with monther, CSA do not believe me

May 10, 2011

I have been happily paying for my children since I split from my ex, never have I missed a payment.

My eldest child is 19, has moved out from her family home, and is not in full time education, all the criteria fully met to cease payments to my ex for her.

I have informed the CSA 3 Times in Email. 3 Times by phone & once in writing.

By phone the only answer I received was, if your ex does not confirm your story, you will keep paying! I received no answer from letter or Email.

They only have to check the educational role to see my daughter is not enrolled anywhere, also she is 19, an adult, they could write/ phone her.

I think the CSA needs a big investigation into why they make so many mistakes, I work in health care, if I made as many mistakes I would be in jail!

Please help
Chris 🙁