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Don’t expect any sense of fairness

Don’t expect any sense of fairness whether you are NRP or PWC, I have been both. my case stretched 21 years, and the final outcome after 21 years of inaccurate assessments, case closed, lost files, system harassment, threats of bailiffs, prison, passport withdrawal, etc. is that my ex wife has offered me the opportunity to pay her a lump sum payment of £ 10k – but for me, I don’t receive a single penny for being PWC.

As a result, my son has banned her from seeing my new grandson, he hates her completely, and the 10k, that was for my daughters mortgage deposit so only one winner, except, I feel that I have my dignity, I’ll put this behind me, destroy the boxes of files and stop waiting for brown envelopes, oh, and anyone from Vertex, Serco , the isa call centre, hopes of you getting new employment, very slim

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