Doctor Who chased by the Child Support Agency

April 25, 2008

According to Russell T Davies, the man behind the return of the Time Lord to our screens, even the Doctor isn’t immune from the reach of the child support agency. In this new series, currently airing on BBC 1 on Saturdays, the Doctor will find himself ‘with child’ and Russell T Davies says the CSA get involved.

The Child Support Agency is involved, says Davies. Donna is “literally like Jiminy Cricket on his shoulder, telling the Doctor what to do as a father. She says, ‘I’ve seen men like that round our estate, with pushchairs and prams. You’ve gone into dadshock.'”

You can read the full interview with Russell T Davies here.

You’d think being a 900 year old Time Lord with the power to travel in time and space would be enough to make the CSA’s computers at the Birkenhead office go into meltdown. Also, as the Doctor doesn’t actually have any earnings, how can they impose a DEO (deduction of earnings order) on him?


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