Do I have to give details of my new partner’s earnings?

October 23, 2013

Hi I posted in the FAQ thread re can my ex take my partners income into account if she moves in but had no reply.

I’ve read through the thread and looking for confirmation of my understanding. To summarise I am NRP I have no arrears with them and my case was raised in sept 2012 so CS2 arrangement. Am I correct that I am under no obligation to divulge my new partners earnings to csa if she moves in with me? Next question and yes I know once bitten and all that but if we marry before he is 18/19 does that change things as far as CSA are concerned?

Any help appreciated



  • Lisa says:

    They won’t take your partners wages into account tho if you have a joint claim for tax credits they will take a cut of that, you should get reduction in your payments for any children that you live with, they calculate on all child tax credits and if your the higher earner they will take into account 50% of working tax credits

  • Kelly says:

    I’m in the same position has your partner, I am a NRPP and I refused to supply my details to the CSA. They accessed my tax records illegally and then sent the information they’d obtained to various 3rd parties (unfortunately you can’t stop this & as the 3rd parties are not responsible for the information they’re provided with, your powerless to have this information removed). From personal experience I would advise you to keep your new partner out of the equation as much as possible, even if that means telling the CSA a little white lie. Once you provide the CSA with your partners details, you are opening a can of worms that can never be undone

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