Diagnosed with cancer and still paying ex through CSA

May 17, 2012

My daughter lived with me on my own until at nearly 16 she went to live with her Father for more freedom basically! She had been living alone with me sine she was 7 and I worked full time, had my own house etc and just got by. During this time her Father paid around £500 in total in £75 here and there….I always bought school uniform, toiletries, clothes ,gave pocket money etc etc. Twice in the end I went to the CSA, and one time my daughter desperate for a new pair of trainers found out though he said he had no money bought a season ticket for Aston Villa, phoned them herself!

Each time the CSA dragged their heels and then he would give up his job and work off the books, even claim benefit to not pay. Even tho his wife worked( and I know it is not her debt or responsibility) he went between paying nothing to £1.00 a month to me!!!! That is it!!!!

Then as soon as my daughter moved with him in May 2010 he takes me to CSA who wanted £62.00 per week, like most I could not and would not give up my job and was happy to support my daughter….but after he paid me virtually nothing in all the years she was with me…laughable.CSA should have, under the circumstances previously said she owes you nothing as she paid your share whilst she was parent with care.

Then I get diagnosed with cancer in June 2010 and still he wants money, and still the CSA push until finally I agree to pay him a smaller amount each month and he then stops the CSA file.all in writing, the £400 pounds up till then is no more!!!

All ok till I have to claim benefits come Dec 2010 and so could not afford to buy stuff for my daughter or give him the agreed money….so he goes back to CSA who, despite my benefits start cranking up my debt from my previous case. Now out of my benefit for my on going cancer, that now looks to have speed he gets £5.00 per week from my £89.00 benefit, which still means I have to pay my bills, house some poll tax too…..and I have cancer!!!! I still also bought school uniform when she was in school, Internet learning aids, toiletries and clothes as he was not forthcoming and is not.

Now for last 18 months I have been asking for the £908 arrears he owed me which were suspended, not stopped as his were and I am being passed from pillar to post…. From Bolton, to Birmingham, Stockport, Falkirk, to Crewe, Scotland, to Clerical case, to Rapid response and all a ploy to upset and stress me as no one wants to deal with the case.

Finally doing a letter to all who will listen, hopefully will get this money soon, oh and if I die before he pays he gets to not pay out at all. Also note this Man never paid for his older children either and ignored CSA bills for over £30,000 arrears and then his ex wife who never worked, and the CSA just wiped it off…..he never paid a penny, and we the tax payers paid her what he wouldn’t. Really upsets me, and I barely afford the hours spent re dialling their expensive 0845 numbers.

Any advice….please