Despite winning a tribunal, CSA slaps me with a huge bill

March 22, 2016

My ex wife had a affair, and was caught,we had a two year old son. she married the person she had the affair with after we were divorsed. She would not let me see my son,i was paying child support through a deductions from earnings order,whilst trying to keep a roof over my head. She had taken a £22,000 sum and the endowment from the sale of the home,to which i recieved £5,000 but had to pay the solicitors fees from the devorce, has she had legal aid, which left me with very little.

I decided to appeal against the csa payments and attended a tribunal, present was my ex wife a csa representive and two panel personel, my ex wife was trying to say that i did not pay any child support, but i produced my wage slips with proof of deductions of earnings. My ex wife and the csa lady then left the room to have a discussion regarding this, on there return the two persons on the panel judged that i no longer have to make payments to the csa.

A few years later i recieved a letter through the post from a firm saying that my ex was going to change my sons surname to her new husbands surname, i wasnt happy about this so went to speak to a solicitor, i was told thst i could fight the case which would cost thousands but it would be unlikely i would win because i havent had contact with my son, through my ex not letting me see him,so his name was changed to her new husbands name, and it also said in the letter that i was not a father to my son, and lots of other upsetting things.

twelve years went past and a chance meeting with the ex brother in law, who informed me that my son was in care,i contacted my son through information pasted from the brother in law, my son now sixteen years old,has expected he was fed lots of lies, we began to catch up on lost time. My ex wife had now separated from her new husband to which they have a daughter, she now doesnt let him see his daughter but takes his money.

Then in january of this year i recieved a call from the csa telling me i have to start paying csa for my 17 year old son who is at college, so not satisfied with depriving me of my son for twelve years and spent the £22,000 she recieved,even though i haved told the csa i won a appeal regarding this case twelve years ago, to which they cant find records for, and tell me that this is a different department now, So now my life with my partner of eight years is being strained because of the unexpected outlay of a lot of money.