Despite being told, CSA still choose to ignore my circumstances

November 16, 2015

I’m a mum separated from my children who live with their dad all because my council would not provide me with accommodation for me n my children, sad but true! Anyway in the 4 years of being separated I have had to pay csa at the cost of seeing my kids, 140 a month and ex takes kids 200 miles away to live ,so now csa are having 140 per mth it costs 133 in travel to go see my children so I couldn’t afford it. I’ve always let csa know when I’ve started or ended work always kept upto date.

Basically I want to pay csa when I can afford it. SO HERE’S LAST MONTH’S EPISODE. After getting my p45 on 1/1/15 great start to 2015 I have worked for agency and done 3 was work in the last 9 mths. My ex had stopped csa claim last year as we were doing it through ourselves, once my work stopped in January I have had constant he’ll off my ex and eventually in June he contact csa and put new claim in…..?? Didn’t believe I wasn’t working! ! So csa rang did all the usual business on phone blah blah, told em not working, they checked with HMRC which confirmed and also wanted in writing off me, they sent wrong letter to me but I wrote my own confirm I live off partners wage and I do not work at present. Csa say they didn’t receive it and although confirmed by HMRC went ahead and made an award of £277 per month for me to pay with first payment in 4 days time????

Prior to making decision the worker asks me do I want pay weekly or monthly and if monthly what date of month??? I don’t work so can’t answer those questions.  After explaining my ex partner will cause stress to my children telling them I don’t want give them anything and I don’t want to give them money for things (manipulation ) it’s nog fare on children to listen to that more me have earache off my ex when he thinks he’s getting money he’s not…..I offered send another letter via fax if I walk 4 mile to shop or send recorded delivery bit no went ahead and made descion based on he had waited 14 days for my first letter although he only informed me on 14 day he mot received it……I think this is wrong way to do things…as a result of his actions my ex did exactly what I said he would and now out of my 3 children I speak to one as the elder 2 think I don’t care about them! I have put formal complaint in and got a call today trying to just apologise and close complaint as complaints have looked into it and said there is no complaint to be had? ?? Anyway I’ve told them..I am not happy so want it debt with its cost me my relationship with my children which could have been avoided.