Demands, threats and unhelpful CSA staff

October 17, 2011

Im the absent parent as my 15 year old daughter, a child from hell, decided living with daddy was better as there are no rules, no discipline, not having times to be in, smokes in the house, you name it she’s allowed to do it in his “care”. She’s not attending school, constantly being excluded and daddy won’t communicate or engage with school or me. We both have 50/50 PR.

My daughter had no contact with her father for 8 years up until she was 10. The CSA did nothing to help me back then either and was forced to provide myself for everything including child care. He awns back to this country and destroyed everything with empty promises of expensive gifts, phones and holidays… we agreed contact as what “normal” people do, he constantly disallows her to visit based on me being unreasonable! he went to the CSA who are now on my back every day.

I have taken legal advise. My daughter and I do have a good relationship now and she wants to come visit. I have been accused of kidnapping her on my weekends and the police are constantly called on me, he refuses to give her money for anything especially essential items (sanitary protection, shampoo, etc) and I then pay for it and deduct out of my weekly amount but the CSA say they need to “check” if the parent she resides with will accept this as payment, and yet i provide receipts and dates of payments!! Oh my god….. how frustrating? The CSA have rounded up my disposable weekly income yet won’t round up my “nights” as it equates to 2.5 per week and they say 2 – why is it one rule for them and one for the other? It really grates on me that for 8 years he never paid a penny yet I get these threatening letters and demands every day. I have been paying something by manual cheque every week – an payment option that was in a letter to me but oh no, I’m not allowed to use this method it has to be DD or out of my earnings with my employer!

I am at my wits end, the lowest point I have ever been in my life so much so I am contemplating refusal of payments and prison to get away from it all. and all this is because my daughters father has held a grudge on me for me leaving his controlling violent ways over 13 years ago! The only person suffering is my daughter.

Please if anyone can help with any where I can get my case thoroughy looked into I would be most grateful.