CSAhell.com on BBC Radio York

March 15, 2011

In case you missed it, CSAhell.com took part in a discussion on BBC Radio York’s breakfast show yesterday morning with Adam Tomlinson. You can listen to the interview for another five days via BBC iPlayer, here (the show is the 14th March). To hear CSAhell.com’s Darren Jamieson, skip to 50 minutes in. The discussion about the CSA, and the government’s plans to make parents (both NRPs and PWCs) to pay for using the CSA, begins after about 45 minutes.

Remember though, there’s only five days left to listen to the show via BBC iPlayer.


  • John says:

    Listened to the interview and wholly agreed with the sentiments.

    Lets hope we can shut of the present system and get the system taken away from the inherently corrupt CSA staff.

    If this important issue remains within the confines of the people administering the present system then not only will children suffer, but their parents will continue to suffer at the hands of incompetent, lying, thieves!

    I can say without question, that the present system and in particular the CSA staff, have cost my children contact with me, their father!

    It is not fit for purpose, and having been on both sides as an NRP and PWC, I have suffered repeatedly from ‘shambolic incompetence’ and maladministration!

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