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March 18, 2011

Earlier this week CSAhell.com’s Darren Jamieson was asked to appear on a radio show about the government’s plans to force both non-resident parents and parents with care to pay to use the CSA. The radio show was a live show on BBC Radio York, with Adam Tomlinson, and took place on Monday 14th March.

During the interview concerns were raised that, although the government’s intention to encourage parents to not use the Child Support Agency at all and to make private agreements between themselves was good in its intention, the reality was far from workable. Too many times have we, at CSAhell.com heard from parents who have made private payments to their ex only for the CSA to turn around and claim that the payments were not for child maintenance at all, and that payments were still owed.

Even if parents had proof that they had paid, including bank statements and records of payments, with amounts and dates paid, the CSA still maintained that the payments were not for child maintenance and that the parent had to pay again.

When you have an organisation as corrupt as the CSA able to make deductions direct from your salary for arrears that it has fabricated, making a private arrangement with your ex becomes unworkable. It is only a matter of time before the CSA comes knocking on your door demanding more money from you, money you have already paid.

Listen to the interview here and let us know your thoughts. Have you made a private arrangement with your ex? Has it worked for you? Has the Child Support Agency acknowledged the private arrangement or have you had problems with them wanting more money from you?

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  • Richard says:

    Interesting to read the article, look forward to hearing the interview. I agree that private arrangements are unworkable especially if the PWC knows how easily he/can make the NRP’s life difficult by exploiting the CSA’s rules.

    From reading the official report (which I will be responding to very soon), I thought that if the NRP wants to pay the PWC directly, but the PWC objects, then under the new rules the NRP can still do this without paying extra to use the CSA – as long as he/she makes the full payments on time.
    Exactly how the ‘full payments’ will be calculated and whether or not we still have to pay the new calculation fee (every time something changes) is still unclear from what I read.
    I just hope that the new calculated payment will use logic that’s fair to both the NRP and PWC this time, taking into account both parents situations and with a max amount per child. Anything is better than their current ‘Robin Hood’ system, taking from the poor to give to the rich in no doubt many cases.

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  • John says:


    New Government initiative! if 100,000 signatures are collected the issue has to be debated in Parliament!

  • mike says:

    according to the woman @ csa i spoke to on friday these charges will only be for new cases so everyone with an old case wont recieve them, csa really dont give a shit different story every phone call

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