CSA/CMS issues have caused me to hit rock bottom

April 6, 2017

Right where do i begin… i had a seperation back in 2000, and my ex and i had an arrangement of me paying child support, things were quite good between us still so (stupidly) i was paying her cash in hand every week, anyway we had a fall out and she stopped all contact and actully ripped up £200 in cash infront of me and threw it away.. shortly afterwards i was contacted by the csa looking for payments and after there assesment was done i was deemed nil liabilty at that time.. however i tried to arrange payments to my ex and even went to a brief and made contact with her that way to ask for bank details etc etc so i could pay money in for my son.she declined and told me to stay away.

Shortly after this she moved away and i couldnt trace them . in 2010 i recieved a letter from the csa telling me i owed a massive £37000 in arrears and i would have a deductions order inplace. i asked how this could be and explained everything that had happend and there responce was sorry we closed the case in error were very sorry heres £100 for your trouble we have caused you!! after that i have a constant battle trying to get to the bottom of how they have calculated the arrears to that figure as ive never been contacted nor given any financial details to them because no contact from them had been had… origanly they told me they closed the case in error (and payed me £100) then they told me the arrears were so high because they had made assesments based only on income because they couldnt find me or contact me!!

Surely if the case was closed in error they wouldnt be looking for me right ? ? the csa have also moved me from scheme to scheme over the years just to try and extract money from me, i must add that i have never not wanted to pay child support over the years and in one way i have been paying my way because i have supported 3 other step children over the years who didnt get any cash from the biological dad.i was deemed again nil liabilty in 2012 by the csa and for what ever reason the csa closed the case.

Dead on 16 weeks later the cms took over the case and this lot are relentless and do not consider anything in calculating child support.. so they basicly ran me into the ground caused me to run up huge debts because i couldnt make day to day living costs anymore, they also got me to the point of taking my own life, and they destroyed my marridge and i was left with nowhere to live , so sleeping in my car and sofa surfing with parents and freinds, i have nothing left anymore. ive sent endless letters that get ignored and ive asked for data files that get ignored,on top of that i developed a dibilitating illness so i am now self -employed as its the only way i can go out and earn some money when im able, due to the fact i have been turned down for all claims of disabilty ive applied for.

so where im at now is this..

i have just been hit with a £37000 liabilty order, i have a illness that im being treated for, huge amount of debt from my failed marridge, nowhere to call a home as im still sofa surfing.no property left or assests.

im at rock bottom, and i have the worry of the bayliffs comin looking for things i dont own for payment, or the csa sending me to prison, or taking my driving lic away.is there anybody who can help me with this living nightmare.