CSA won’t reply to me so they can get more money

May 15, 2018

Well not much really just started.. I can go that they have ignored all my letters especially the complaint letter that I have sent them. The thing is that they are trying/my ex is trying to make me pay into a non residing parent, someone that dont live with my ex or my child for that matter now I did send a letter of complaint thinking something can be resolved but to my dismay they ignored all my letters especially asking for a regulation that they can make me pay into a druggies account to feed her fix.

Anyway they sent me a letter of collect and pay on the 26th April 2018 and because of this I have wrote to my mp to discuss why have they ignored all my letters. In my opinion for a matter like this I hate how they have stressed me out that even my work has started to notice it. I’m just waiting for the letter that they are gonna demand a deduction of earnings from me without even answering my letters. They are so corrupt that they wouldn’t even let me be amicable. It’s a shambles and a total disgrace as how low some people will go…