CSA won’t enforce my ex’s DEO

January 19, 2016

Where do I start? My ex walked out whist I was pregnant with my first child. Refused to have anything to do with us. Soon as son was born, CSA were involved. He went on Sick pay. He has spent the last 13 years jumping from job to job, benefits, even trying to create his own business with his dodgy best mate accountant to cook his books to avoid assessment and payment. He transfers all of his assets including house to his fiance to avoid charges etc.

The CSA have been appalling but that’s because they have let me down. He has been in employment for last 5 years. There has been a DEO in place with his employer for over a year now which took many years to action as they kept giving my ex the benefit of the doubt, despite the fact he just doesn’t pay! His employer has gotten away with paying less than a 5th of the regular maintenance every week. I have had to fight constantly with the CSA for them to take action. Still, they have not been to his employer and threatened any kind of legal action.

I get £10 a week! Prior to this was lucky if I got £5. Some years I got zero!! The money I do get is inconsistent and unreliable. Most of my arrears are with enforcement who have had these liability orders since 2010 – not one penny has been collected!

The battle still goes on and he continues to keep changing his circumstances then being non-compliant. The last change took the CSA over 5 months – in the meantime, they say they can’t enforce any collections. 5 months and the assessment came back the same because his earnings had changed by less than 5%!

In the 11 years I got between nothing and £5 a week I brought my son up alone, working full time. Childcare costs were £400-£500 a month, not to mention nappies, formula etc – now it’s adult size trainers, hair cuts, school uniform and trips – NO Birthday or Christmas presents! Was £20 a month really going to help (and to quote some peoples comments) this “greedy ex who just wants more money???” And before you start down the tax credit route, I didn’t get enough to cover even half my childcare! And yes, I had mortgage and bills – and no I didn’t have a new partner to share the costs!!

15% of anyone’s net pay is not a fortune. Children cost WAY more than that!

The DEO is a last resort and the CSA do not do what they like as they keep telling me – they have rules and regs they have to follow. The DEO is place with my ex still fails to collect the amount due even after a year!!

I am hoping that when I eventually go onto the new Child Maintenance Service, things will improve!