CSA willingly put people into hardship in order to make a profit

October 17, 2016

Today in going to a tribunal over the conduct of child maintenance services They have said I’m a liar the money I’ve paid did not exist I’m a de fault payer

11 months of a doe at a price that was not in line with my wages and the cost of living They said I’m £2600 in debt so we want paying Nov 2015 £378 contacted them come on how is this legal they agreed that was excessive so reduced to £250 jan this year yes £378 again and we want this every month till next year.

Got it down to £250 then contacted my local mp was reduced to £228 I’ve paid this for six months sept oh it’s now £295 ???

Informed cms that I took time off due to duress and stress of what your company is doing to me Don’t care you owe we want get on with it So I’ve paid £2800 in a doe now they want six payments of £295 just greedy The charge is £1000 1/4 % They said my child bill/tax is £33 pw and £1716 a pa Which I’ve paid but still want more The system of attacking ( the discriminative term ) non r parent It is easier to gain profit from a biological parent that works has a home and contact with their children i contact cms stating this fact they said verbally sorry we do not intend to put parents into hardship but …

The money we have taken is correct and why would I contest the payments being a father surly you want the best for your children Yes of course we all do But putting parents into hardship for a company to make profit is not child support it’s racketeering exploitation and denying the biological parent the right to have a wage and provide for their children when in our care A direct payment scheme only works if the pwc agrees if they don’t then we have to take action against you ??

Scare tactics we will garnish your wages take your licence sell your home put you in prison over a tax that is not fir children it’s about profits I want to pay because it’s the right thing to do for my children The system gives the pwc housing benefit child and working tax and child credits part time wage and child support We’re a worker who earns a wage of low income can claim sweet fa and pays statuary bills council tax water TV road tax insurance gas electric housing costs can get nothing and have nothing to live on And this is a fair system ???

a report was written in 2005 stating that they cms would not look for non paying parents because it’s expensive so we’ll get as much as possible from biological parents already in the system ??

The bristol report by a focus group

A decade on they are still using the same methods the only criminals are child support laws That taking a person rights away for profit is abuse Every method of compliant was dismissed case examiner ombudsman mp grievance the doe itself go to the local magistrates and request a hearing didn’t happen The liability order I went you don’t need to be here And to top it all of its a shambolic oraganisation get somewhere oh we didn’t say that you must have misunderstood It’s gross mis conduct Hey ho I’ll find out today That tuff it is what it is.