CSA will say one thing and then do the opposite!

January 6, 2017

After splitting with my partner I contacted csa to set up child support payments at the time the mother wasn’t letting me see the child. I went to court and gained access to my child. I paid maintance until I was made redundant in 2007 which I rang csa and informed them and was told I didn’t need to pay maintance. I informed the csa when I started work again I received a letter in 2008 informing me how much I needed to pay and they would contact me which they never did. Due to not being contacted I came to an aggrement that I would buy my child clothes, shoes and school uniform or anything he needed. I then received a letter informing me I was in arrears I rang csa and told them I had a agreement to buy him what he needed. I was told they would have to speak to the mother. I was also asked for her address and contact number as they had never been able to contact her. I never heard from them so carried on with the agreement. Then I receive a letter 2016 informing me that I am in a lot of arrears. I telephoned csa and was told that they had never been able to contact the mother and had sent letter, text and phoned. She had for the first time contacted them after recieving a letter saying she was owed money. I’m not saying I don’t owe any money but the amount they are saying is just ridiculous. There are certainly misdeminers why have the csa not contacted me sooner as they have all my details sooner and have let it get so serious. Why has the pwc never contacted them (was quite happy with arrangenment). When you phone they seem to divert and not answer questions. I also have a young child with my current partner but because I didn’t contact them they won’t backdate the reduction but yet when pwc has never contacted them they will backdate.