CSA wants more than we can afford

May 6, 2011

My husband has two other children in Nz we live in Australia now, we have no problem paying child support it should be that way, but it is too much, we have our 2nd child on the way and we can’t even save enough money for when our baby comes because of the amount of child support we have to pay. Here is my biggest problem I think child support should be calculated on their yearly base rate, and any overtime done should not be taken into account.

My husband has to work so much overtime just for us to get by, then come the new financial year that overtime is then taken into his annual child support and he ends up having to pay more each year because of what he’s trying to do for us, his children in Nz aren’t even allowed to call him we have to call them every weekend.

It’s just so frustrating and has ended in a lot of fighting at times and have been close to divorce over it, why can’t someone help those of us who are trying to do the right thing but are not getting a fair go. We may end up losing our house but no one gives a crap.