CSA wants money from me even though I have custody of our son

September 3, 2012


I’m not really sure how to begin, the stupidness and immorality of the csa has plunged to new depths. I have for years paid well above what i needed to. Travelled hundreds of miles a week for contact, had my boy weekends and never missed a payment, call or visit.


My ex is an alcoholic and does not work and after a long drawn out expensive series of court dates involvement from social services, schools caffcass and the police, i have proved my son was in danger and now have him with me. This is the most important thing to me, the rest is just my principles being trodden over.

A year aftermy son was with me and with no contact with his mother i get a letter from you know who, saying i owe them £700 pounds. Not a massive amount but again it’s the principle. Apparently this is owed arreas, they did not stop billing me from when my son came to me but weeks later when child benefit was transferred and the cb is paid as a matter of course for six weeks even though the child is elsewhere.

The ex has not paid but as it is a separate case this does not matter and despite my offering 5 pounds a week (what i should be getting from her) this has been declined and a threat of a deo put on me.

How is this in the interests of the child? I am at a loss, no sense or morality. This is supposed to be our government looking after our interests, not some parasitic greedy corporation out to destoy you because of what you have between your legs. What a joke.


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