CSA want me to pay until my daughter is 20!

May 9, 2017

From when is a Child 20 years old?

I was counting down the months until my daughter hit 19 and id be away from the Cancer that is the CSA but like the bad cancer they are, they have informed me I have to pay until my daughter is 20!

PLUS their calculations are not altered unless your income changes by 25%.

I have always paid CSA, i reckon ive paid about £60000 pounds over the last 15 years from my three children and slowly but surely they were passing out of the CSA and I was so looking forward to my last child whom is clearly an adult coming 19 and ID BE FREEEEE!!

The letters are so threatening, they are the most dreadful people to talk to on the phone.

My daughters mother hasnt worked in 20 years and is a typical sponger, buys my daughter nothing from the money see receives from me and indeed was holidaying in New York while my daughter was ringing me to buy her food.

Its a horrible situation and has been for the 15 years the CSA has been involved, im wasting money on my ex as she spends the CSA money on herself living the high life where the money should be going on my daughter.