CSA want me to pay for money my children are entitled to!

February 17, 2017

The new cmec rules are an absolute joke !!! In 6 years csa have not used any of this supposed legal power they claim to have despite my ex not paying and doing all he can to avoid paying… despite him being employed for many of the years.. instructung his employer to declare earnings however as a self employed taxi driver they under no legal obligation to give the information !!! They wasnt interested that my children were going without !!! Finally track him down and guess what ! £5 per week 2 children..still at least it was something !! Now they have ended this and told i have to pay £20 !!!! To apply for money my children are entitled too and desperately need !! Sick and tired of working all hours struggling to provide all my children need when this organisation thinks its acceptable …whoever applies has to pay !!! They cant make him do anything (exact words of the officer iv just spoken too ) complete and utter let down !!!