CSA upped my payments and are now ignoring my calls

November 1, 2018

I received a letter from CSA in may 2018 to tell me my ex wife had been in touch to say I had unearned income back in 2014. I have been paying for my two children for the last three years. The CSA sent a letter back in 2016 to say they had checked with the tax office and told me that I should have been paying more and said I had arrears of £13000 which I have been paying for the last two years which is £740 a month, now they are going to increase to £1140 a month, I am devastated and now can’t afford to live.

When they sent the letter in may I had 14 days to reply which I did with a letter and evidence but I didn’t hear from them until the September saying they are deducting the £1140 from my wage.

I have been ringing every day and I get told different stories until I speak to my case worker who says that I need to send in evidence for tax year ending 2014/2015. I have been paying back pay for the last 2 years. Also ever time I have phoned requesting a call back from my case worker I never get a call. I have given my ex wife nearly £130,000 from the sale of the house so does this not go towards anything?

Please help me.